2010 Annual Meeting of the Spectroscopical Society of Japan


The 2010 annual meeting of the spectroscopical society of Japan will be held at the Clock Tower Centennial Hall, Kyoto University, Kyoto (http://www.kyoto-u.ac.jp/en/clocktower) from November 18 to 20, 2010. An international symposium on "Spectroscopical Applications to Environment and Energy" will be also included in the program of the 2010 Annual meeting.
Date November 18-20, 2010
Location The Clock Tower Centennial Hall, Kyoto University
Welcome drink November 18, 2010 (included in registration fee)
Banquet November 19, 2010 (included in registration fee)
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International Symposium on "Spectroscopical Applications to Environment and Energy"
  Scope: Spectroscopy is widely used in various areas concerning polymers, semiconductors, functional materials, medicine, pharmacy, etc. In this international symposium, recent advances in spectroscopy and related techniques will be widely discussed with spatial attention to the topics on "Environment and Energy".
Invited talks of
International Symposium
Prof. Hrvoje Petek (University of Pittsburgh, USA )
"Ultrafast spectroscopy of photocatalytic reactions on single crystal TiO2 surfaces"
Prof. Martin Zanni (University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA)
"Probing electron transfer at semiconductor interfaces using femtosecond 2D IR spectroscopy"
Prof. Charles Schmuttenmaer (Yale University, USA)
"Using time-resolved THz spectroscopy to study carrier dynamics in TiO2 nanomaterials"
Dr. Mark Allen (Physical Sciences Inc., USA)
"Diode laser-based sensors for environmental monitoring: From low-cost networked sensors to ultra-precision sensors based on advanced laser technology"
Dr. Yannick Marandet (CNRS/Université de Provence, France)
"Modeling of spectroscopic measurements in magnetic confinement fusion plasmas"
Dr. Ryuji Katoh (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan)
"Transient absorption study on bare and dye-sensitized nanocrystalline TiO2 films"
Prof. Keisuke Tominaga (Kobe University, Japan)
"Low-frequency dynamics in the condensed phases studied by pulsed terahertz radiation-application to molecular science"
Prof. Shigeru Yamaguchi (Tokai University, Japan)
"A compact trace gas sensor based on fiber-coupled CW laser diode cavity ringdown spectroscopy"
Prof. Hiroaki Kuze (Chiba University, Japan)
"Observation of atmospheric aerosols and trace gases by means of natural, conventional, and laser light sources"
Dr. Motoshi Goto (National Institute for Fusion Science, Japan)
"Spectroscopic measurements for magnetic confined fusion plasmas in LHD"
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Abstract Submission
September 6, 2010
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Deadline of Proceeding
Manuscript Submission
September 27, 2010
For manuscript submission (E-mail): office@bunkou.or.jp
Deadline of Registration October 31, 2010
For registration: http://optsci.eng.shizuoka.ac.jp/spsj/regist/
Registration fee Regular member(7,000 JPY) Non-Member(9,000 JPY) Student(2,000 JPY) Senior member(2,000 JPY)
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