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   Journal of the Spectroscopical Society of Japan
Vol. 64, No. 4 (2015)

Award Winners of the Spectroscopical Society of Japan, 2015: 457

The Golden Years of Spectroscopy at NRC in Ottawa: A Personal Perspective

  Henry Horst MANTSCH 461
Short Review for Young Scientists:  

Theory of Scanning Tunneling Microscope-Induced Light Emission from Molecule Covered Metal Surfaces: Quantum Many-Body Dynamics of Molecular Exciton, Vibron, Interface Plasmon and Photon

  Kuniyuki MIWA 468
Spectrum Gallery:  

High-Resolution Spectroscopy of Molecular Iodine

  Masatoshi MISONO 477
Practical Techniques:  

Isomer Separation of Cluster Ions by Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry

  Keijiro OHSHIMO and Fuminori MISAIZU 480
Topics: 484
  NMR Analyses Using Residual Dipolar Coupling
  Aritaka NAGADOI and Takahisa IKEGAMI 490