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   Journal of the Spectroscopical Society of Japan
Vol.62 , No.02 (2013)

Special Essay for a Prize Winner  
  Prof. Hiro-o Hamaguchi was awarded “Medal with Purple Ribbon” 67
Award Winners of the Spectroscopical Society of Japan, 2012 69
  The Application of Spectroscopic Techniques on the Antarctic Observation
  Tatsuyuki YAMAMOTO and Hidehiko SUZUKI 74
Spectrum Gallery  
  Live Single-Cell Mass Spectrometry
  Tsutomu MASUJIMA 85
  Electric Field Effects on Emission of Gaseous Molecules (Observation of Stark Quantum Beats)
  Nobuhiro OHTA 87
Practical Techniques  
  Fourier-Transform Absorption Spectroscopy Using Visible and Near Infrared Diode Lasers as Light Sources
  Kensuke HARADA and Takuhiro MORIYAMA 92
Topics 96
  Optical Frequency Combs in Spectroscopic Research –Towards Understanding of Dual Comb Spectroscopy–  
  Hiroyuki SASADA 99