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   Journal of the Spectroscopical Society of Japan
Vol.59 , No.1 (2010)

Essay 1
  Laser Spectroscopy of Antiprotonic Helium Atoms and its Contribution to the Fundamental Physical Constants
  Ryugo HAYANO 3
Short Review for Young Scientists  
  Dynamics of Photogenerated Charge Carriers on Photocatalysts for the Water Splitting Reaction ~Relation between the Carrier Dynamics and the Steady State Reactions~
  Akira YAMAKATA 12
Practical Techniques  

Simple Beam Profiler Using a Web Camera

  Tsukiko TAKASHIMA, Akihide WADA, and Masanori FUYUKI 20
Topics 22
Saloon 24
  Experimental Infrared Spectroscopy-Fundamentals and Practical Methods  
  1.  Introduction to Infrared Spectroscopy  
  Mitsuo TASUMI 27
  2.  Standard Sampling Techniques for Infrared Absorption Spectroscopy  
  Akira SAKAMOTO 32
  3.  Fundamentals of Quantitative Analysis  
  Shukichi OCHIAI 37