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   Journal of the Spectroscopical Society of Japan
Vol.54 , No.6 (2005)

Special Essay for a Prize Winner  
  Dr. Yohichi Gohshi has won the 2005 CSI Award
  Kouichi TSUJI 341
Short Review for Young Scientists  
  Infrared Spectra of Photoinduced Excited Transient Species by Matrix-Isolation Method
  Nobuyuki AKAI 342
Practical Techniques  
  Observation of Gases from Paddy Fields by the Open-Path Spectroscopy Combined with the Closed-Chamber Method
  Takanori ENOMOTO, Daiki KOBAYASHI, Norio YOSHIMURA, Yoshiko MUTO, Hou HONG, Takashi MOTOBAYASHI, Hirozumi WATANABE, Koki TOYODA, Taku NISHIMURA, Masaaki HOSOMI, and Masao TAKAYANGI 349
Saloon 351
  Terahertz, Far-Infrared Spectroscopy  
  VI. Astronomical Observations in the Submillimeter-Wave and THz Region  
  Satoshi YAMAMOTO 356