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   Journal of the Spectroscopical Society of Japan
Vol.52 , No.6 (2003)

  Mass-Selected Photodissociation Spectroscopy of Cluster Ions of Aromatic Molecules
  Yoshiya INOKUCHI and Kazuhiko OHASHI 333
Short Review for Young Scientists  
  High-Resolution Electronic Spectroscopy of the Sulfur-Bearing Carbon-Chain and Negative Ion Species
  Masakazu NAKAJIMA 350

Original Paper

  Infrared Spectrometer for On-Line Measurement in Steel Sheet Production
  Masahiro DAIMON, Teruyuki TAMAKI, and Hotaka HOMMA 256

Practical Techniques

  Coherent Raman Spectroscopy Using a Photonic Crystal Fiber
  Hideaki KANO 365
Topics 368
Saloon 370
  Beyond the Limits in Spectroscopy  
  V. Core-Level Soft X Ray Magnetic Circular Dichroism with Circularly Polarized Synchrotron Radiation  
  Tsuneharu KOIDE 377
  VI. Microanalysis Using High Brilliance Synchrotron Radiation  
  Masaharu OSHIMA 390