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   Journal of the Spectroscopical Society of Japan
Vol.52 , No.1 (2003)

  Yasuki ENDO 1
  Laser Induced Amplified Spontaneous Emission in the Gas Phase
  Koichi TSUKIYAMA 3
Original Paper  
  Synthesis of Beta-Cyclodextrin Modified Dendrimer and Study of Its Ability in Inclusion Complex Formation by Fluorescence and Absorption Spectroscopies
  Makio MINEGESHI, Hiroshi ISHII, and Munetaka NAKATA 19
Short Review for Young Scientists  

Investigation of Excited State Proton Transfer Reaction of Hydrogen Bonded Clusters
-Approach by Infrared Spectroscopy-

  Yoshiteru MATSUMOTO 24
Practical Techniques  
  An X-ray Pulse Source Using Cassette Tapes and A Femstosecond Laser System
  Koji HATANAKA, Hiroshi ONO, and Hiroshi FUKUMURA 31
  Use of Nonlinear Optical Effects in Laser Microscopy
  Katsumasa FUJITA 33
Saloon 36
Book Reviews 39
Topics 40
  Beyond the Limits in Spectroscopy  
  I. High-Resolution and High-Accuracy Laser Molecular Spectroscopy  
  Masaaki BABA and Hajime KATO 43