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   Journal of the Spectroscopical Society of Japan
Vol.51 , No.6 (2002)

  Applications of Luminescent Substances to Forensic Science Field
-Development of Luminescent Markers for Shadowing Pursuits-
  Shoji KURATA 251
  Single-Molecule Measurement by Fluorescence Technique: Its Fundamentals and Application to Probing Polymer Structure
  Mitsuru ISHIKAWA 262

Near Field Raman Spectroscopy and Imaging Using a Tip Enhanced Field

  Yasushi INOUYE and Satoshi KAWATA 276
Practical Techniques  
  Autoionization-Detected Infrared Spectroscopy
  Asuka FUJII 286
Saloon 288
Book Reviews 293
Topics 294

Spectroscopic Approaches to Environmental Science

  VI. Environmental Science and in vivo NMR  
  Fumiyuki MITSUMORI 297
  IV. The Role of the Remote Sensing on Global and Environmental Studies of the Earthfs Atmosphere  
  Tadao AOKI, Masashi FUKABORI, and Seizi NISHIZAWA 310