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   Journal of the Spectroscopical Society of Japan
Vol.51 , No.2 (2002)

  Laser Spectroscopy of Carbon-Chain Molecules
  Yoshihiro SUMIYOSHI and Yasuki ENDO 51
Original Paper  
  The First-Order Raman Spectra and Lattice Dynamics for CdWO4 Crystal
  Masaru SAITO, Jun SUDA, and Tsutomu SATO 65
Practical Techniques  
  High-Pressure Raman Spectrum Measurements Using Sapphire Anvil Cell
  Kaoru YAMAMOTO and Kyuya YAKUSHI 72
  Influence of Oxidized Layer on Infrared Reflection Absorption Spectrum of Thin Film Deposited on Silicon Substrate
  Takeshi TSUJI, Kenishi NISHIOKA, Yukio NISHIMURA,
and Masaharu TSUJI
Saloon 77
Topics 80
  Spectroscopic Approaches to Environmental Science  
  II. The Role of Spectroscopy in the Analytical Instruments for Environmental Science 83
  II-1. The Role of the Spectroscopy in the Continuous Analyzers for Ambient Air  
  Hajime MIKASA 84
  II-2. The Role of the Spectroscopy in the Environmental Water Analysis  
  Katsuhito HARADA 93